"For the needy shall not always be forgotten; the expectation of the poor shall not perish forever." Psalm 9:18

Summer camp

For over 36 years, Lighthouse Christian Camp has provided weeks of summer camp to disadvantaged and needy children. Through the camp, thousands of children, who never otherwise would have the opportunity, have come - free of charge – to experience the beauty of God’s creation in a new and meaningful way.

Working through the public school systems as well as going door to door, camp staff and volunteers identify children to invite for summer camp. For the most part, these are the forgotten, the un-churched, un-helped and un-loved! How wonderfully excited they are when they hear that “they” will get to go for a week of summer camp! It’s in these weeks of camp that these children hear, many for the very first time, of the love of Jesus Christ.

Through numerous planned activities and chapels, children are taught that there is a creator of all things, including themselves. That through Adam, all men became sinful and are condemned to death. That through Christ there is forgiveness of sin and the gift of eternal life. For many, this simple gospel message is a new and transforming truth that changes their lives forever. 

GIRLS' CAMPS                             BOYS' CAMPS

​1 - June 4 - 8, 2018                            1 - July 9 - 13, 2018   

2 - June 11 - 15, 2018                        2 - July 16 - 20, 2018   

3 - June 18 - 22, 2018                        3 - July 23 - 27, 2018

4 - June 25 - 29, 2018            

  Volunteers are needed each week on Monday 8:30 am until Friday 4:00 pm.